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A) Written consent according to data protection
The personal data specified in the contract, in particular name, address, telephone
number and bank data, which is only necessary for carrying out the resulting contractual
relationship, shall be collected on the basis of statutory authorization.
Any further use of personal data and the collection of additional information requires the
consent of the person concerned. You can voluntarily grant such consent in the following
In some cases we would like to make information about events from our school life
accessible to a larger public. This, however, could also be individual-related information.
We, therefore, intend to publish texts and photos that are relevant with educational work
or school events. In addition to class photos, these could also include personal
information about school trips or excursions, student exchange programs or educational
We would like to ask for your consent in the following.
B) Consent to the use of data for further purposes
I hereby consent to the publication of my personal data including photos in the following
media: ___YES ___NO
Press and school brochures, Facebook and social media,
Internet under the homepage of the school
See the note below!

(Place, date, first name, name ) (signature of the participant)
C) Rights of the person concerned:
information, correction, cancellation and blocking, right of objection.
According to Article 15 of the GDPR, you are entitled at any time to request from the
credit institution XYZ (contractual partner)
extensive information on any data stored concerning you.
According to Article 17 of the GDPR, you can at any time request the
correction, deletion and blocking of individual personal data from the credit institution XYZ
(contractual party).
In addition, you can make use of your right of objection at any time without stating
reasons and amend or revoke the given declaration of consent with effect for the future.
You can submit the cancellation either by post, by e-mail or by fax to the contractual
party. No further costs will arise for you except the postage or transmission costs
according to the existing base rates.
The granting of rights concerning photos takes place without pay and also includes the
right to edit, as far as the processing is not disfiguring. As a rule, no names are added to
the photos. Sound, video and film recordings are not included in this consent.
The consent is revocable at any time in writing to the school directors. As far as printing
works are concerned, the consent is no longer revocable once the printing order has been
issued. If the consent is not revoked, it is valid for an unlimited period of time, ie. beyond the
school year and also beyond the school membership.
The consent is voluntary. The non-grant or revocation of consent does not result in
any disadvantages.
Publications on the Internet/Privacy Policy Note:
When published on the Internet, personal information (including photographs) can be
accessed and stored worldwide. The data can thus also be found via so-called "search
engines". It cannot be ruled out that other people or companies associate the data with
other personal data available on the Internet and thus create a personality profile, modify
the data or use it for other purposes.